POC with Autism

Autism & POC

As many people may know, POC is a family restaurant. Here at POC our goal is to make each and every one who comes in become a member of our family. We enjoy the company and loyalty our customers give us and we want to show our appreciation any way we can, so we are getting involved with the community and giving back. We started our journey on June 14th where members of our POC family participated in the 5k run for Autism, held at the Duck Pond in the Ridgewood, New Jersey. POC was the main sponsor of this event. People may ask why we chose autism to promote. Our owner, William Lin, has a son who is autistic, so this issue is really important to us and raise awareness and get involved because it really hits home for us. As a family we are taking advantage to every chance to raise awareness about this pressing issue. Therefore, POC will be hosting some events of its own to promote Autism awareness. One of our upcoming events will be our POC carwash for Autism. As time goes on POC will be creating more job opportunities for adult with autism as well. We hope to see our Hackensack community showing us support during these upcoming events.


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